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Lab Introduction

Lab Introduction

       The Visual and Intelligent Learning Lab (VILL) belongs to the Key Laboratory of Embedded System and Service Computing Ministry of Education and the Intelligent Information Processing Laboratory at Tongji University. It is located in the Telecom Building of Jiading Campus, Tongji University. The director of the Laboratory is the Associate Professor Zhao Cairong.          

       VILL's main research interests include computer vision, machine learning, data mining, pattern recognition and other related fields. The laboratory is mainly engaged in research of the following several subjects: face recognition, person re-identification, person tracking and uncertainty in deep learning.      


       Address:4th Floor, Telecom Building, Jiading Campus of Tongji University, No.4800, Caoan Rd, Jiading District, Shanghai.



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Address: no. 4800 cao 'an road, jiading district, Shanghai, jiading school, jiading campus, jiading district, China.